October 4, 2013

A Random speaks with MR. Friday. :)


Today is Friday, the day that everyone in this world waits to own before it ends the chaotic days. A day before the weekend become visible sounds fascinating indeed, if you are not having a restless weekend thou.  Mr. Friday condition today seems perfect, it wasn’t raining but the sun was shy, it wasn’t cloudy but birdies could have flew around playing hide and seek, the temperature gave me the same feeling when I was in my mum’s armed, it was real but definitely bizarre. That moment was perfect, and I would be the happiest young lady in Friday if I could own this feeling until Mr. Friday left me for this week.

I decided to stay quietly in my room, having sort of my quality times, some privacy indeed. I turned on my laptop and watched some random TV series that I managed to download for few months ago, but yaa I did not have times to watch it before. My concentration went about 2 hours for that 3 early episodes, then I feel really bore until I minimized the video player and my hands naturally clicked on the Microsoft words and I started typing all this shit that you are reading now.

I don’t know what should I write, I’m running out of ideas of writing new poem, actually I got some ideas for my new poem but then I am running out of words to complete the poem thou. It was really disappointed for me not to be able to write one.  What can I really share in my blog? I’m not really sure what should I write for now.  My heart ached for no reason, I feel half empty, I feel like I am missing the other side of me. My heart says that I really miss my mum, my siblings, my late brother, my nephews and niece, and of course my beautiful friends. I miss my life back in my hometown…  Perak, and my hometown will always be with me wherever I go and whatever I do, because everybody deserves to love and to be loved by their own root. LoL! :p

Right now, my heart keeps forcing me to have some thoughts about my friends. I really need some giggles time with my beautiful friends. Friends that I used to know during my Diploma days. My friends that never judge me even I was lacked of everything. They are still my best friends, my love ones, but we barely met each other lately.  We barely managed to meet and spend some quality times together because everyone is getting busier with each life. Me neither, I can’t even spare some of my studying times for them, how can I expected to have them for me if I am not trying to give some to them right? I think I should have some giggles and chilling time with them soon. As I believed that we are missing each other very much lately.

What piece of shits I wrote just now? It’s kind of F*** piece of shits! Shit that have most uncertain words and a vague content. -_-

 I think I should back off for now.
Till then, take care people! Live your live well, with positive purpose indeed.

*psst, the picture of "DOSOMETHINGGOOD" above is an event that me and my classmate will be proceed with for my final year coursework whereby we are collaborating with Yayasan Chow Kit. So  I believed that each everyone of you are beautiful people who love to help those unfortunate people who in needs from Yayasan Chow Kit, Am I Right? So it will be such a pleasure if you could do an hash-tag #DoSomethingGood when you tweeting something positive on your twitter if you have a twitter account. Thank you! :)

Love : young lady who hates blue color. Lol. :p

Mita Ari

Momen. :)

Meet my nephew, my love one; Humam Thaqif.

Aku rindu pada masa kecil, 
semua begitu sederhana,
bersama-sama teman aku ketawa riang,
tiada duka mahupun sengketa,
tidak mengerti akan rasa sengsara,
hanya tahu bersuka ria,
walau menangis kerana dimarah,
sedih duka ku hanya sementara,
tidak menyimpan rasa duka durjana yang lama.

Aku ingat momen masa kecil ku,
saat aku terjatuh,
hanya lututku yang terluka berdarah, 
dikuti esak tangis takut dimarah,
dan ditemani rasa sakit akibat tidak mendengar kata,
kata emak dan abah hendaknya...

Tapi luka yang berdarah,
pada masa kecil ku,
boleh diubati dan tidak meninggalkan parut yang lama, 
tidak seperti hati yang terluka apabila sudah dewasa, 
sekali terluka,
aku derita, 
juga merana.

Ya, aku begitu rindukan masa kecil ku yang sederhana.

Mita Ari

#I am all grown up  to a beautiful young lady now..hikhik..:p

Love : A young and passionate girl. :)