March 5, 2015

After three years

Alhamdulillah After Three Years of struggling and making efforts, I managed to graduate with my First Class Bachelor Degree in Mass Communication and Media Studies (Hons) Public Relations. And now, the battle of living my life is just get started.

Back in high school I'm not an excellent student, I took Science Stream because I thought of becoming a Doc.. But it's totally not me.haha. I barely got an A in any sicence/math subjects. I hate Addmaths and Chemistry the most and I always sat at the back in class and sleep beneath the table until I got caught for not partipating in doing experiments by my Chemistry teacher. Worst, I never passed any exam for addmath. Until now, I don't even know how the hell I got into a University, studying with excellent and talented students and managed to graduate with first class degree on time.. Too much ups and downs for these past three years but Im glad that I did a good job! Alhamdulillah for what Allah swt has destined for me. My prinsip is to have unshaken faith in Allah swt fate and I believe that verily with every difficulty, there is a relief. For now, I just hope that my future will shine as bright as the sun shine during the day. Never judge yourself by looking at your past. It's never too late to change. 



Di saat pelukan si isteri semakin utuh 
seperti seakan tidak mahu melepaskan sang suami,

Ehsan berusaha keras menahan tangis
seakan kuat segagah si ayah,
Untuk Izzah yang berdukacita  
mata dipejam menahan rasa kecewanya,
Dan Ilham, Hana dan Huna sudah berlinang air mata yang tidak mampu ditahan esaknya,

Pelukan si isteri mencengkam utuh
Walau hatinya sememangnya sudah rapuh 
Tetapi tetap teguh, ditinggalkan suami
Yang sekali lagi akan pergi.

Dan Wan Azizah sekali lagi
akan berjalan seorang diri
Walaupun diri seakan mahu rebah
wanita ini tetap tabah. 

-Mita Ari-