January 27, 2012

Its all from the past experiences..:)

Done with spill yang sedih2 dari aku...  whatever it is, please pray for my mum.. pray for her to get better and hopes she will recover soon..:)

and here we go..

These past few months, I've been going through some kind of failure in not so called a relationship..haha..  so, Hello broken hearted ones …  broken hearted just like me..:p
 If you’re still in a relationship, or you’ve just broken up , here are some words that I hope will guide you through all the drama.. In the end , there is no true love if there are no fights …there is no happiness if there are no tears ...kan?kan?
 Well, love isn’t enough in a relationship, communication,honesty and loyalty are important too . If you’re hurting too much just let it go … let someone else come into your life, because you deserve someone better, someone who appreciates you...:D

Dear my Guy ===>>>

Breaking up ain't that hurts if you know how to handle it..hee...:)
Schubert Serenade(-_-)

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