May 8, 2014

When you died, a part of my soul died with you.

I remember a time in youth
Brother-sister, best friends, together always.

Cycling, talking all day, laughing to death
oh those were the days.

I remember, together as teens
The fighting and arguing and all in between
The laughing and joking till tears filled our eyes.

Last 23 years,
I love to see your face when you are eating
Sister’s honor, Yes you are a good cook bro       
I love seeing your smile that makes my heart calm
I love talking to you on the phone with your crap talk.

But now, I am missing every single thing about you
Because I have no chance to see your smile
Nor listen to your voice just like when we spoke on the phone before
Your laughter that I can’t get rid out of my mind all this while.

I remember your phone call a day before you left
Obviously your last call, our last time together
But I refuse to answer, because I’m too tired
With the exam and classes
I received your text telling me you are really sick
But still, I reply lightly because I am so sleepy
Until the next morning
Received the phone call we've all come to fear
Still remember those words even after years.

I remember those times each day I wake
Not understanding God's choice in who to take
A brother, a best friend and a good man to all.

I remember you brother always so strong

I pray every day, I hope you forgive me
I thought I could help you, I guess I was wrong.

Happy Birthday to you (8 May)
My pray will always be with you
And my soul will always be part of yours
And our blood related will always be remembered.

I remember a time in youth
Brothers, best friends, together always.

Laughing, Joking, or even Wrestling
oh those were the days.

In loving memory of my late brother, Mohd Zawawi Mohd Isa, Al-Fatihah.
(8 May 1984 - 16 July 2013)
When you died, a part of my soul died with you.

Sarat dengan Rindu,
Mita Ari