September 5, 2012

Ballon on the Air!!

An earlybird of a lovely morning of mine, I wonder when i could post my photos of hot air ballon with my bff  that we had took a few months ago??  lepas pikir-pikir, then neutralize kan balik kepala otak yang sememangnya blur pagi-pagi hari ni, so aku open old folder of my photos, then cari gambar-gambar sekitar hot air ballon yang kami pergi few months ago..  rinduu pada kenangan..  rindu pada Aina bt Hisam membuatkan aku gigih nak post tentang gambar kami.. act, it was a teaser from me..  so, no offence ok peeps!!  Rasa rindu pada kenangan membuatkan aku post tentang kami..  she is a friend that i met and get to know since my 1st semester while studying in Sarawak.. then our bonding of friendship being excited and getting closed day by day..  we declared ourself to be best friend forever and we had promised each other to face and bear with any problems that could appear now and then.  i love her, and i know she loves me too..  come hell or high water, i know i have Allah, my family, and her as my friend during my hard times, indeed my happy times..  she's always cherish the top in my life!!  that's her, Aina! :)

so, ini gambar-gambar yang we had took together masa hot air ballon yang kitorang pergi few months a go.. a bit oldies gambar-gambar ni ,but who cares??  kenangan tu kan old but meaningful.. so yay or nay??hee.. besor ballon dia u ollss, and tahniah pada mereka yang gigih Q the whole day semata-mata nak dapatkan ticket nak naik hot air ballon ni.. aku and Aina tak naik pon coz malas tahap gaban nak Q, lagipun panas terik ya amat, subhanallah..  tak mampu i ollss!! hehe..  so kitorang just feeling-feeling macam naik la ballon tu and bergambar jelaa...  poyo je rasa..haha..  ok till then, enjoy ur day and live well peeps!!

 obviously, It's Me!!

Meet my precious one, Aina:)

 there we go, BFF la kamii!!

a teaser..  cool giler those kiddo main wall climbing ni!!

 We love each other, obviously!

Me! Me! and Me!!!


Sahabat itu tiada terkira nilainya, andai tahu menghargai...(-_-)