April 26, 2013

A Letter to Sixth of You.

Out of sudden, tiba-tiba aku rasa macam nak express my feeling, my heart, and my love towards someone... tapi aku tak tahu nak pointing the fingers pada siapa, at the end after spending almost 6hours to complete a letter, which are the words that i wrote below, i ended up to decide my nephews and my niece yang akan jadi my pleasure to read my letter..hehe..  dengan ini, rasa sangat kasih dan sayang aku ikhlas nak tujukan semua yang aku tulis ni special untuk anak-anak buah aku..ikhlas dari aku..:)

Dear all my love, sixth of you,
This letter i wrote sincerely from the bottom of my heart,
special for all my nephews, Haziq, Harith, Hadif, Hafiy, Humam,
and with lots of love for my one and only princess Alya (niece)..
this come straight from my heart,
i love all of you so much,
i do love all my nephews and niece..

all of you are among my precious that i owned in this life..
sixth of you (for this moment i guess)..
you guys are always soothing and calming down my heart, my mind, and my soul..
you guys are always cheer up my life,
 with your words, laugh, cry, smile,
and all your funny antics that made my life more meaningful and full of colors..:)

i just want all of you to know,
there is someone who cares for  all of you,
without hesitate loving each one of you, 
Yours life is a blessing,
you guys are special to me,
i see the boys who will soon be a good Man,
and a lil girl who is going to become Solehah in future (InsyaAllah),
i know all of you will try the best that you can,
to be a good person, in future,
but please remember this,
that you are always good, in my 'book',
i love all of you like my own child
(sooner or later, i'm going to have some in future too right?)

i wish that i could give you gold,
or jewels that would make your day whole,
but i only have eyes for you that shine,
and a hand for you to hold,
and im glad you are nephews and niece of mine,
if you feel a breeze touching your face,
it will be Dua and Pray that i am always made,
for all of you,
if ever you need me, i am just a phone call away,
insyaAllah i will be there, for sixth of you..


Live well, Haziq Naqiuddin, Harith Zafran, Hadif Ukhail, Hafiy Zakwan, Humam Thaqif,
and Alya Batrisya..:)

lots of love, from ur beloved aunt:
Schubert Serenade:)