February 19, 2012


out of sudden, i remembered about one beautiful thing that happened around me on one fine day a few months ago:)

here where the story begin:

while me and my friends were having our lunch at KFC nearby our university, on a really hot day.  there are two kids with a box of money, on their right hands walked towards us. they were asking us to donate some money and they will barter it with a packet of tissue.  i've seen them begging for some money at every single car at one of the traffic light corner a few days before.  because i felt really sympathy, and  i couldn't control my feeling, i take out a few Ringgit Malaysia that i have in my wallet and i gave it to them..  due to my curiosity which can kills a cat if i couldn't get the answer,(haha, hyperbola and metafore sangat), then i asked them, "why don't you go to school?? and why you do this kind of thing?  go back and tell your parents to send you to school instead of making money like this"..
they were not answering my Questions but they were just carved a huge smile on their face and hand me a packet of tissue that they brought along just now. i refuses to accept their tissue, but they said " ambil la kakak, saya bukan mintak sedekah, saya jual tissue"..erkk.. ok itu jawapan tu agak kurang asam jawa punya budak..huhuhu..  but then before they left, one of them said to me, "mak kami sakit, nanti mak dah sehat kami pergi la sekolah"...  hurmm..  silence..
i just don't know what to say, yup when i was looking at them i felt pity, really pity, but deep inside of my heart, i felt calm.  atleast i've helped them..sincerely:)

i felt warm inside..really warm.. live, life, learn:)
Schubert Serenade

rindu zaman tengah belajar mula mengenali erti hidup kat sarawak..:)