February 9, 2012

I Adore Her:)


She's only 17.  her name is Adibah..  I know her through one of her vlogs (video) which is i posted below..  i adore her, for real..  for her  thoughts about Islam itself..  again, she's only 17, tapi pemikiran dia menunjukkan maturity level dia and the way dia cakap macam dah makann garam lebih banyak dari aku yang 22 tahun ni...hehe..:D

happy watching...
Hijab and Fashion

She wrote that :"i have no right in judging a person's intention in doing anything. Cause that is completely between him and God. Im simply reminding people to correct their intentions, to wear the hijab not for the sake of fashion, but for the sake of Allah. Like a wise makcik once said-while she was making tom yam, "siapa yang makan cili, dialah rasa pedasnya"

To me, honestly I think it's good that someone is talking about it. This is her effort to show to Allah on the day we'll all be held accountable with what we've done in our earthly lives.. Alhamdulillah... In fact, I think we should encourage the practice of reminding each other more in our community.. so, whatever she has said in her vlog, I don't see any part of her speech was insulting and sarcastic..  lagipun kan dia da cakap, this is a "Friendly Advice", so I think people should watch this in a positive way..  take it easy la kan..:)

sharing is loving...chewahhh
Schubert Serenade

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