March 11, 2011

Sometimes,I Wonder..........

At times I wonder....
What's there in front of me?
Running.. walking... falling...
climbing back up again.
Run. Walk. Stumble.
Repeat the cycle. Again and again.
All for the future.
Hopes and dreams of happiness
Bliss. In this life, and the next.
A small voice inside me speak again..
Will my dreams be mine someday?

Ya Allah...
Let me be a good servant.
A servant tireless in facing life's journey
A servant who accepts all tribulations, situations
Sticks and stones of life

Ya al-'Azeem,
Let me be a servant who,
no matter how tough things are,
how hopeless things seem
will always have faith
and never give up hope
to You.

A servant who,
If I'm blessed with an easy life
will never forget You
will still humbly bow low
and serve You,
to the best of my ability
to be thankful to You

for now I plead...
Oh Allah, al Ba'ith
please grant me patience and strength
grant me optimism in what I do
lend me the will to pursue my dreams...

*Current feelings? Well... I'll let you guess. But please do pray for me, dear friends. Life is hectic. May Allah bless..:((

Saya hamba Allah yang masih terkontang kanting:  Schubert Serenade($_$)
p/s : thanks to Umairah NinjaBee:))