February 22, 2011



I’m a lesbian, so i must have a crush on every girl i see.
I have alot of guy friends, so i must be fucking every single one of them.
I smile alot, so i must have the perfect life.
I listen to reggae, so I must be a stoner.
My opinion matters, so I must be a bitch.
I’m comfortable with my body, so I get around?
I’m friends with a lot of guys, so I’ve must have hooked up with all of them.
I like to help out, so I must be a suck up.
I’m black, so I must be ghetto.
I’m black, so I must be stupid.
I’m Mexican, so I must be low class.
I’m bisexual, so I must get around.
I’m straight up blunt, so I must be a bitch.
I like to drink, so I must be an alcoholic.
I don’t hang out with guys, so I must be a lesbian.
I cut myself, so I must be emo.
I’m bisexual, so none of my girl friends can feel safe.
I laugh and smile, so I cannot be depressed .
I like spending my day at home, so I don’t have any friends.
I am gay, so i must be bullied.
Most of my friends are dudes, so I must be a tomboy.
I’m on Blogger, so I must have zero friends in real life
I’m a Muslim, so I must be a terrorist
I make alot of mistakes, so I must be stupid/retarded.
I’m from a broken family, so I must be a rebel.
I like rasta colors, so I must smoke weed.
I’ve had sex, so I must be a slut.
I’ve made mistakes, so I must be untrustworthy.
I really love him, so I must hold on.
I’m a Filipino, so I must be a maid.
I really love him, so I must be taken for granted.
I’m a Politician, so I must be corrupt.
I’m Blonde, so I must be really stupid.
I’m wearing a black shirt, so I must be emo.
I wear make up, so I must be a flirt.
I make a lot of mistakes, so I must be hated.
I am a teenager, so I must be misunderstood.
I am kinda Blurr, so I must be slow learner.
I am an American, so i must be cruel.
I am a Book Freak, so i must be nerd
I am a Girl, so I must be weak
I am a Malay, so I must be "poyo".
I am PHD student-so it's like permanent head damage!! 
Hohoho I am Not Santa Clause, i am Blogwalkers.
I am not available, so I must be "angau"
Anything else??any stereotyped statement yang korang rasa common dalam life sekarang ni, do inform me ya....boleh la aku add up statement korang tu in this list!! This must be fun ok!!(hahaha)~gelak jahat!!:))

p/s:  the deep red color statement is the statement from other bloggers!!:))

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