February 23, 2011

A Letter to Romeo.(jiwang mode)

Dear You,

Once upon a time,
I had travel around the world. Just to search for the most wonderful thing in this world, this awesome world.

Went to Egypt, I saw the great pyramid of Giza, still, just stones and sands..(Liar100X!!haha.. I've never been there pon b4):p

So I went to beaches. I watched sunset. I had say to myself, "How lovely...". But still, it doesn't last forever. Its gone..

So I climbed up to the mighty Everest. Just to watch the sunrise. I waited so long. Sadly, it last for a while. Im  tired.(derr, this is totally PROPA, I've never climb up to Mount Everest laaa, but Mount Kinabalu, yes I DO!!)haha:p

So I lay down. I saw the stars. Blinking and wink wink. Again, yet too far from me.

Now I wonder, what is the most wonderful thing in this world. Sometimes we just can't see. Blind. Blinded by things we wanted to see. Suddenly, I realized, the most wonderful thing in this world is not things, but a person, It is you ♥

Seriously, it's you. The way you smile, your face, laugh, blushing, your ego, your coolness and the way you care for me. I love every single thing about you. So now, I don't need to travel anymore. Cause I found the most wonderful person in this world, it was U!! ♥ 

errkk??romantic??ok fine, jiwang sungguh aku harini..oouucchh can't believe that i wrote such a mushy lovey dovey letter mcm ni...kahkahkah!!(^_*)
Btw, letter in hanya ditulis dan ditokok tambah oleh aku dan tiada kena mengena dengan sesiapa..act, aku plan nk tulis exactly lebih kurang sama mcm ni untuk ROMEO aku in future...ok bye!!wakaka:D

awesome person, sapa lagi kalau bukan:  Schubert Serenade($_$)..kahkah!!PROPA100X!!:))